Las Vegas Magic

My magical career began at age eleven when my brother Mike gave me a magic set as a gift. A love affair with mystery soon began. As I grew older and my skills improved, I became in demand for shows of all types. At a still young age, with the help of my parents Al and Marion, I opened my first magic shop in a small mall in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin. The shop was short lived, but through friendships made there I met my first wife Betsy. Actually, we are still married. I just like to keep her on her toes.

Two years after we married out son James made his appearance. Soon after James arrived we opened another magic shop in West Allis Wisconsin. The shop became a successful venture and a meeting place for local magicians of all levels. During this time our daughter Brenda arrived on stage. For some reason she had a striking resemblance to our UPS delivery man, that red hair of hers had to come from somewhere. But I digress. After seven years we closed the shop to resume a somewhat more normal life. Since then, I have performed countless shows and enjoyed every minute of it. In 2017 we relocated to the Las Vegas area and I continue to perform my magic for new audiences.